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NEW DOG MISSING - Colorado Springs, CO, 80904

Posted in Category: Lost & Found
Person is Seeking: N/A
Contact Name: Jamie Battles
Contact Email:
Phone: 719-474-9604
Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80904 ( View Map )
Date Posted: July 16th, 2012
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More Details:

The morning of July 12th I went to Florence Colorado to pick up a new dog. About 30 minutes after coming back home she escaped underneath the chain linked fence. I have no idea where she went.

Her name is "Willow" a 1/2 whippet (mini greyhound) 1/2 mix and unknown about the mix. Mostly white w/black markings and her left eye is blue and right eye is brown. She is bigger then a whippet and only the tail end looks like a whippet. She was wearing a pink collar. The short time I had her she was a sweet dog.

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Keywords: found lost dog whippet