CONN 645 Theater Organ Deluxe & CONN 145 Pipe Speakers

CONN 645 Theater Organ Deluxe & CONN 145 Pipe Speakers

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Date Posted: March 29th, 2011
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More Details: Curtain going up, and the Conn theater organ with “pipes” speaks with the warm sound of vacuum tubes that many musicians appreciate. Adding to this ensemble is the 2 channel, 65 watt vacuum tube amplifier, playing through 10 speakers, including a 2 speed Leslie speaker built into the console. This organ has been thoroughly checked over and serviced by a Conn organ expert, and the troublesome vinyl keying rods have ALL been replaced with silver keying rods. This organ should play trouble free for many years. Vacuum (electronic) tubes are not a problem, as they are still being manufactured, new, in Eastern Europe, and we still have a stock in the U.S.A. If the buyer needs a tube, contact us; in fact, we will include 6 used but good CONN brand 12AU7 tubes with the organ.

The CONN 645 organ is serial No. 655589, and the CONN 145 pipes is serial No. 102802. Both are finished in light walnut, and have a few scratches, which can be easily touched up. The organ comes with a REAL pipe organ 32 note pedal board, supplied to Conn by Klann Pipe Organ Supply Co. It has an augmented “Band Box” with controls in a drawer, with a separate “snare” speaker for the snare drum. The organist has 14 preset pistons to aid in the registration. Should the total of 10 speakers in the console and “pipe” unit not produce enough sound for the organist, this organ is equipped with a Leslie kit, allowing you to plug in, control, and play an external Leslie speaker Model 251, or equivalent.

We have delivery available in the continental U.S.A. at buyer’s cost or buyer can pick up.


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