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Price: $75.00
Contact Name: Bob G.
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Phone: 570-228-9126
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Date Posted: December 9th, 2011
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WRFF “It” Stunt Trike – $75 (North Jersey)

Date: 2011-12-09, 10:53AM EST
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Here is the WRFF “it” Stunt Trike

2004 – Salton Inc. Sizzles with Trike-Like Bike For Easy Riders!

Salton, Inc. introduced a new line of three-wheel bicycles back in 2004 called WRFF(TM) (Walk, Run, Fly Faster) offering young riders the choice of riding, scooting or skate-biking. With a lean-to seat, WRFF combines biking with other outdoor sports like skateboarding and manual scooting.

WRFF It, appropriate for ages 10 and up, is built with a larger frame size, adjustable handle bars and large sprockets, giving older riders the ability to safely experiment with speed, tricks and jumps — the ultimate WRFF experience.

LAKE FOREST, IL (July 20, 2004) – Salton, Inc.-
“The inspiration and design behind the WRFF evolved from a desire to get kids out from behind video games and the television and back outside being active,” says John Howell, WRFF Product Manager. “With the rise in popularity of extreme sports some kids do not have the athletic ability to perform stunts and tricks. The WRFF design allows kids to instantly feel cool and different. The reaction so far has been awesome as kids literally stop what they are doing to check out the bike.”.

I’ve never seen one up close. It is weird, funny looking, but very cool. You want to be the cool kid on the block? I bet you won’t have any friends or neighbors that have ever seen one.

The trike is used and shows some wear, but in great condition. Everything works and looks cool.
Would consider delivering within 50 miles of my location. (07827)

Call Bob at (570) 228-9126 for availability
www,thestoragebin.webs.com for more pics and other items for sale.
$75.00 Firm

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